Herefordshire Dementia Action Alliance


There are around 1,830 people with a dementia diagnosis in Herefordshire (June 2019). It’s the little things that can mean such a lot to a person with dementia; like being given extra time to pay in a shop, feeling welcome and safe in their community, enjoying meaningful friendships and activities, and remaining a valued member of society. For this to happen we believe dementia needs to be everyone’s business. Reducing stigma encourages early diagnosis enabling people to get the support they need to live as well as possible in their community.


Herefordshire Dementia Action Alliance  (HDAA) aims to ensure that people affected by dementia feel a valued part of family, community and civic life.

To do this Herefordshire DAA will:-

  • Bring together organisations, business and individuals to become part of HDAA.
  • Consult and involve people affected by dementia in all activity and decision making.
  • Support the activities and development of dementia friendly communities in Herefordshire.
  • Share information and  good practice amongst members.
  • Develop an annual work plan/objectives and monitor progress.
  • Work with Dementia Matters Here to implement the work plan/objectives and monitor them.

We meet quarterly  – watch the blog page on this site for dates of meetings.

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